more Klingholz

Having studied architecture, it was a great privilege to begin my working life at Otto Steidle & Partners. I was involved in several large scale housing schemes and commercial buildings in Germany, such as Berlin Wasserstadt, MTV Headquarters in Hamburg and Wacker in Munich.

In I999 I joined Prof. Peter Schuck's ITEG GmbH to work on leisure and entertainment oriented projects, which were amazingly visionary and ahead of their time, which is probably why some of them have not been built yet!

Running a studio with Christian Czinke in Munich between 2000 and 2002 was a great experience. We entered competitions by the bucket load and collected several prizes and commendations, before my next challenge brought me to London - where I moved with my wife Charlotte. Here I joined DeMetz architects and interior designers. Projects include residential refurbishments for North London properties and furniture for public spaces such as the Tate Modern and the Highgate Studios. This was followed by 6 great years with HTA Architects, where I began with developing housing typologies. Responsible for the design of large scale, sustainable residential and mixed use masterplans, as well as regeneration schemes my main interest became to enhance the quality of affordable housing - internally as well as spaces between buildings and communal facilities.

I've now been with Chapman Taylor for since 2008 and have had high-level experience of concept designs for international projects. Nariman Point, a tower on a key site in Mumbai, and Alaraar, a pioneering seaside resort on Libya's Mediterranean coast, are some of the projects I am currently responsible for.

Collaborating with brilliant designers, clients and consultants allows me to contribute to successful and exciting projects, in which I participate as a designer, rather than just a leader.